Sales Page | Design Your Life After 70 [Sept 2024 - waitlist]

 Design Your Life After 70:
for health, satisfaction and fulfillment!

Design Your Life after 70 is for people who are asking “Now What?”

Instead of aging in a steady downhill decline, what if you could have a fighting spirit, strong community connections and relentless optimism that improves your overall health and keeps your brain sharp...and more?


After this program you will have:

📖 A clear purpose in life that lights you up in the morning.

😊 Less stress and more optimism in your life.

💪🏼 Communities that really support who you are.

🍓 New habits for improved physical and mental health.

🎉 The ability for an extraordinary life regardless of your age and to enjoy the ride!


This virtual course is for people over 70, people who will be over 70 and people whose parents are over 70, who they would like to help get off the couch!


In this 5-week online course, you will have 5 modules of 3 - 4 short videos each delivered to your inbox on Monday mornings to watch when you wish. These videos include content with resources to pursue if you want, exercises to do and questions to consider for discussion at our weekly zoom session. 


Once a week, we will meet in a live Zoom session (recorded if you cannot make it) to share what we are discovering and explore the ideas further. Time and date to be decided by the participants. 


This program is individualized to you. I am not telling you what you should do. I give you information and ask questions so you can decide what steps you want to take for ageless living. 



Some testimonials from past participants:


Past Participant
There is a lightness in my life now. Being old is no longer a negative to me and it does not stop me from doing things.

Barbara L.
I love the concept of making tiny changes…makes them seem doable – tweaks to my diet and raking leaves for the next 3 weeks have been added to my list.

Suzanne B.
I stopped doing things that did not support me and I am a new person and feel much better. 



The fee for the entire program is only $357

Our next group starts in September!


Are you ready to live agelessly with purpose & adventure?

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Martie Weatherly, Your Life Coach

I am excited to share the cream of my 86 years of life with you. 

As your cheerleader and champion, I will ask more questions than give answers to help you learn how to Design Your Life After 70! I am passionate about people living life fully into our 80s, 90s and even 100s!

I am a graduate of CoachU and have helped people from mothers to businessmen move ahead beyond their wildest dreams. As a registered nurse for many years, my passions are health, well-being, vitality, and community. 

Besides coaching, I love reading and music and spending time with my family.


Are you ready to Design Your Life After 70
for health, satisfaction and fulfillment?



Put me on the list!  


Here's what is included in the course:

  • 5 online video learning modules filled with valuable content, worksheets, downloadable resources and more that you will work through at your own pace each week.

  • Weekly live zoom discussion sessions which will be recorded and provided to you in your training portal if you miss the session. 

  • Private, secure training portal to access your course and communicate with Martie. 



Ready and Waiting!







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